As I began drawing this image, the symbology all of a sudden ran through its own wormhole, and I would love to share what I have noticed in it.
NUIT and HADIT are Egyptian Invocations of the Highest Awareness. They are the compatible factors that ARE the universe.
HADIT :: The Winged Globe :: The Holy Reach Of The Sun ::The encompassing totality of all that is come to Being in the Universe.
1.   Had! The manifestation of Nuit. Book Of The Law, Crowley
Aleister Crowley brings the information far, swiftly, in his supporting description of The Book Of The Law :
"   II. The Universe.        This Book explains the Universe.      The Elements are Nuit - Space - that is, the total of possibilities of every kind - and Hadit, any point which has experience of these possibilities. (This idea is for literary convenience symbolized by the Egyptian Goddess Nuit, a woman bending over like the Arch of the Night Sky. Hadit is symbolized as a Winged Globe at the heart of Nuit.)       Every event is a uniting of some one monad with one of the experiences possible to it.     "Every man and every woman is a star," that is, an aggregate of such experiences, constantly changing with each fresh event, which affects him or her either consciously or subconsciously.         Each one of us has thus an universe of his own, but it is the same universe for each one as soon as it includes all possible experience. This implies the extension of consciousness to include all other consciousness.   "
Crowley's intent is to "explain a system which reconciles all existing schools of philosophy."
Nuit and Hadit Do Encompass Sophisticated Enough Concept to Reconcile All.
They are featured atop Ancient Egyptian Plates ,
Their Written Tools of Knowledge Symbol and Word,
= Setting The Fundamental Context =
If HADIT is Matter , THE SUN

NUIT is the All Pervasive Ever Present Realm of Possibility.
NUIT is the Dream.
NUIT is the Planck Scale MicroMicroMicro Physical Fundamental Ground Scale,
Riddled with Wormholes Exchanging Experiential Information Between All SpaceTIME At Large.
NUIT is the Sacred Geometric Flower of Life Foundation for Momentum and Structure.
The Firmament of NU Passes Straight Through the Center of the Black Hole.

This NUIT :: She is Depersonified but Heightened in Her Symbology,
The Moon, Already the Divine Feminine, is Transformed into THREE MOONS,
Fractally Arranged in Phi Ratio To Each Other As They Relate
As A Whole In Phi Ratio To The Original Circle of the HADIT DRAGON,,,
(((… As A Rainbow …
… (((Water Must Certainly Be Near))) ,,,)))

And Reflecting To HADIT The Semblance of His Own True Power :::

This HADIT, The Sun , RA INCARNATE , In The Form Of The Rainbow Dragon.
Wolf Of The Sky
The WOLFDragon That Eats Its Own Tail :: OUROBOROS
The Multicultural Ancient Symbol Of the Serpent That Resurrects ,
As Like The Phoenix And The Flame,
I Reinvoke Our Ancient Powers!
Upon Close View, The Primary Circle of HADIT is Divided into A Circle of NINE POINTS
The Essence of Pragmatic Geometry Arises As We Begin to Study Energy From The Frame
Of Generating Electricity From The Primary Momentum Of NUIT.
This OverUnity Dynamo Is Flowing At Full Force At All Times!
Close Your Eyes, SEE The Constant Dream, Feel The Implications.  
Marko Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics Illuminates Us To Deeper Possibilities of Matching
The Geometry Of This Aether Propulsion SubField With Our Electrical Devices In Order To
Facilitate Low Friction = High Harvested Yield Of Etheric Momentum.
Each Of The 9 Points Around The Circle Consists of Three Lines,
Which is the Ideal Case When Designing These Rodin Torus Electromagnet Coils ::
Two Circuits Running In Opposite Directions, With A Third SpaceLeft as A Gap,
The Space of The Silence,
Left For Asi
/ NUIT /
The Divine Mother,
To Sing Her Song.

This Gap Space,
The Silent Space For NUIT
Occupies The Circuit of the 9 6 3 3 6 9,
And This Wisdom is Correspond Onto The Largest Moon.

The RAINBOW DRAGON Soaring UP To The Heart Of NUIT In Pursuit Of The Dream!
The Reconciliation! The Union of Forces , The Secret Keys !
And For When The Union Of The Yin And Yang Doth Spark Fusion
Thou Then Begins The Aeon Of The Child.
And This Is Where We In This Time On This Planet Have Come.
From the Dialectical Progression Of A Civilization
First Facing Isis, The Divine Feminine, The Holy Mystery Of The Mother,
Teeter Tottered By The Civilization of The Patriarchy :: As In Osiris :: The Archetypes Of Man ::
Finally, We Are Transformed
Our Triangle Of Perspective Has Been Born
As In Horus :: Hoor-Paar-Kraat :: Ra-Hoor-Khuit
May Our Perspective Be Vast and Hold True To All Scales Of Experience.
May Wings Readily Morph Into Mountains.
May The Spontaneous Works Of Circles Be As Seeing Eye Glasses,
Magnifying Our Awareness Of The Macro To The Micro :
As Above, So Below.

Big Bear Lake
May 3, 2015