Written By Nick Lake, Sam Gerhard, Travis Teel, Patrick Xu

The earthsmith's lifework is to cultivate thriving, adaptive, and enduring whole-earth systems that are regeneratively abundant.

By harmonizing human activity with the patterns and forces of nature, the earthsmith participates in mutually beneficial relationships with all human beings, living beings, and beings beyond.

The Earthsmith Society exists to aid earthsmiths everywhere in the pursuit of their calling by providing a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, the exchange of sound solutions, and camaraderie in collective purpose.


The Earthsmith Guild is a Collective of Artists that initially formed in 2011 at UC Berkeley.
We have slowly grown to incorporate more collaborators over time.
Our exhibitions have consisted of Collaborative Immersive Sculptural Installations at ::
= Outside Lands Music and Art festival in San Francisco Golden Gate Park, 2011. =
= Lucidity Transformational Art & Music Festival, Santa Barbara, 2015.  =