Gravity Networks


GRAVITY NETWORKS is an organization focused on building lasting connections between people and places committed to long term ecological resilience. GRAVITY NETWORKS' mission is to secure and preserve Land Node Sites in order to guide and protect endemic ecosystems and their indigenous diversity of plants, microbes, and wildlife in their native habitats. Our methods are distinguished by mutually recognized Regenerative Patterns Of Design which aid in the ease of ethical economic participation with the planet. These patterns move us toward Regenerative Ecological Stewardship in a true balanced Economy by designating lands under Community / Conservation Land Trusts, establishing Nurseries at the scale of Botanical Sanctuaries, creating Human Habitation sites, establishing Productive, low impact, easily managed Agroforestry Systems, and approaching the land from a larger 'Watershed Perspective.' Our intent is to propagate Security and Sanctity for Generations to come upon this Earth.
The Gravity Network Extends To All Land Centers :: Large and small scale land projects focusing on a Regenerative BioCulture.

The Planet Calls for a New Design :: One Sculpted for Harmony and Harmonics Across All Scales of Organism and Experience (We Invoke the Awareness that Experience Exists from the Planck Subatomic Field to the Planetary Gaia Realm. Information is Exchanged and Interpreted at all Levels of Existence).
We Call for a Full Reevaluation of Resources. The Diesel that remains must be focused towards Regenerative Action Only. Water is the True Capital in this New Design. Water’s Priority Must Be Established.  Our Intent of Investment is to Support the Soil Microorganisms. All Abundance Will Grow From The Security of Our Watershed and the Diversity in our Ecosystems.
Each square foot an Oasis of its own microclimate, Each Acre a Fully Saturated Harmonic Sanctuary Unto Its Own.  Gravity Networks dreams the good dream, and tells the story of a successful and harmonious transition of human culture from climate danger to integrated, holistic, and synergistic participation and collaboration with Nature.