This is my first housing dream statement, written in 2012.
Updates Have Been Generated, but not yet Fully Reformed.

This Statement Supported the Success of Our Ecological Housing Collaborations with True Grass Farms From 2012 - 2015

Housing Dream Statement : Seeking unique housing opportunity! 2012

I’m looking for a live/work/art studio space on land that is appreciated and cherished. I’m interested in a trade opportunity that would allow for me and similarly inspired friends (3, 5, 7? 20? (if its real, time will tell)) to dwell in a comfortable home/headquarters/farm/art studio/art gallery/laboratory space. We want to help grow diverse food forests, build structures (Huts, Yurts, Tree houses, Steeples!), revitalize soil, cultivate mushrooms, climb trees, keep bees, install earthworks, innovate new energy harvesting technology, play and record music, cook feasts, write, weld, sew, stretch, learn, and grow, with some sense of the deep time.

I imagine this home I seek now as some sort of stepping stone in place and time, a landing spot with lasting worth from all fronts and for all parties. The full extent of our end goal involves a distant future, but to begin - we seek. I want to help design beautiful space for lasting abundance. I want to restore the habitat and purify the watershed. I need the time to observe. These things take time! I’d like for our homework to feel appreciated and cherished.

Rent only seems to makes sense from the perspective of an outdated paradigm. To be able to fully delve into and support these intensive and long lasting creative learning pursuits, we are attempting to live by alternative methods. We feel the time is now to enact our life practice of dreams. We are seeking support from anyone who strives toward similar goals, and has more space than they know what to do with. We’d like to thrive on the land, and to share a yield so vast that the Earth can’t help but smile. I want to gift this energy and desire I feel within me to create lasting wellness and sacred art. To dive in most fully I need to build on the home front. This doesn’t feel like a part time job.

We aim to grow economic freedom from the fruits of our pursuits. We also aim to effect great change.

These are transition times it seems, and I figure I should just speak my dreams. 100 acres? The larger the land, the more expansive and sprawling the possibility of an organic village. We seek eventual ownership in the California bay region, between Freestone, Sebastapol, Oakland, Santa Cruz, through to Cambria, S.L.O, and Santa Barbara. The location is important, but still unknown: near to people!, and over 80 meters in elevation! Ideally: amidst oak riddled hillsides, on a southwest face, just maybe with a distant view of the ocean. These are some of the dreams. For now, I am constantly practicing receptivity as the onslaught of perception and collaboration comes. The immediate epic dreams involve a large barn that can be filled with Pianos and other instruments, projectors, tools, art and smiles : a good comfortable home – perhaps yurts or guest houses, with space to make more elaborate art shacks. We’d like comfort and warmth, and some other basics like water, showers, a place to make and eat food, and sleeping quarters. We can pay some rent, especially if the situation feels very right, but a mutual trade occurring with trust, patience, permaculture, and love for earth and art in our hearts is our hope. The calling is heard, and we are poised to answer. There is no doubt in my mind that we will succeed in manifesting these lofty dreams. There is too much collective vigor to fail!

With Immense Sincerity,
Nick Lake