The Indigenous Guerilla Watershed Artisans is a Rhizomatic Organization of Underground Watershed Managers. We, Humanity At Large
(Especially Californians) shall now take responsibility for the management of our Local Waters.
I invite you to take part in this Physical Shift of the Planetary Crust.


We Need Explorers, Those On The Frontier of Dynamic Land Management
=The Swale And The Berm=
I Imply A Restructuring Of The Surface Of The Earth For Maximum Water Retention.
Imagine : The Land Of Many Mounds,
Hillocks Holding The Water Up.
More Smaller Eco-Dams, Everywhere.

“Slow It Spread It Sink It,” :: A Phrase that Deserves to run Rampant through the Minds of all our Dearest Friends and Family.
Small adjustments in a watershed can make momentous change!

           I once heard Brock Dolman, (Permaculture Instructor, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Watershed Manager and Director of the Water Institute) Whisper this to my Permaculture Instructor Toby Hemenway while our class was on a tour of the OAEC Keyline + Swale + Berm project. ::
“More small swales and berms are really better than one big swale and berm.”

This means = the more small actions we can take to adjust the surface of the soil for maximum water retention, the larger our water retention impact. Many small water retention efforts work! And small actions also avoid the complicated and hindering task of creating legal & permitted ponds.

We want to re-create a Planet shaped by the Beavers.
Beaver dams spread water far and wide in the upper altitudes of a watershed.
Better yet, We need to Re-introduce Beavers to our historic Waterways to let them do the job for us!

I mean to say that I want to FLOOD huge swaths of land with good clean water via Micro-dams that will in turn Slow the run of the water away from our high altitude zones, Spread the water across hillsides according to Contour and Keyline Principles, and Sink that water into our high water table, allowing the slow trickle of all the snow melt and rain to penetrate our aquifers HIGH on the mountains, which will inevitably feed the sources of springs all the way down to the ocean.

Our Water Situation has reached a need for Critical Attention,
I invite you all to participate in this Adjustment of the Planetary Surface for Maximum Water Retention.

-Nick Lake-
May 2, 2015