Lucidity Art Festival
April 2015
Warrior's Way :: Branches Mobile Gallery

Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara, Los Padres National Forest, Native Chumach Sacred Land
  Warrior's Way, Warrior' s Arena Installation,
Branches Mobile Gallery Installation

In Collaboration with Sam Gerhard, Travis Teel, Patrick Xu, Jiordi Rosales, +++


Indra’s Net // Magick Carpet // Chandelier
The Spontaneous Works of Circle

Redwood, Eucalyptus, Electronics, String

Hanging in Oak Trees

Nuit Hadit Ra Hoor Khuit

Redwood, Eucalyptus, Driftwood, Metal, Stone, Wings 

Dharma Wheel // 8 Directions



Harvested for forest management
11’, 15’, 20’


Branches Mobile Gallery