My Work Aims to Activate the Immersion in to Sacred Space by
Accentuating Natural Harmonies & Amplifying the Harmonics ::
:: The Craft of Ecological Sacred Spaces ::
:: Transforming the Logos into the Ethos ::
:: Activating Land Regeneration Strategies ::
:: Generating a Culture of Tree Planters ::
O’ The Radiant Love :: A Durational Practice

I seek to design and create sanctified land centers that support the survival of the planet Earth and Human Beings by modeling and testing Regenerative Land Management / Agricultural strategies. My work aims to support the genetic diversity of wild and cultivated plants and animals. I strive to create ethnobotanical havens of cultural importance in order to perpetuate indigenous wisdoms in conjunction with new technological capacities for land stewardship. My strategy is based upon the ethics of Permaculture and related Complexity / Diversity focused Agroforestry practices. My context consists of the interdisciplinary synthesis of many realms, including : Philosophy, Psychology, Social Theory, Nature Theory, Art History, The History of Science, Unified Physics  / Quantum Gravity, Spirituality, The Evolution of Ideology / Worldview, Economic and Social Justice Issues, Contemporary Climate Perspectives, Land Management, and Agriculture. My focus begins primarily with Earthworks for Watershed Management, followed closely by Agroforestry practices of Savanna style tree planting, planned animal grazing for pasture maintenance, and biological diversification of the overall system as makes sense in the context of each site.
I intend for these land centers to be structured as diverse public places of learning :: Inter-Faith Multi-Cultural Community Sites offering :: Workshops and Educational Events; Educational and Transformational Festivals; Spiritual and Ceremonial Gatherings; Land Art Installations (Sculpture Gardens, Artistic Educational Trails and Pathways, Labyrinths, Outdoor Classrooms, Fire Sites, Water Sites, Wind Sites, Earth Sites, Directional Alignment Sites, Musical Performance Stages, Folly Nooks); Experimental Agricultural Efforts; and Community Based Living and Stewardship.
I seek to support and practice structuring the new paradigm of Community Owned and Operated Land Efforts through the creation of Community / Conservation Land Trusts.  I seek to create for-profit businesses in support these land efforts. I seek to create non-profit organizations which can extend the intentions of these businesses to enable Conservation / Community Land Trust formation, Inter-Faith Religious exemption, and extended research in these realms.
I intend to expand my personal role into the ream of Teacher of :: Land Management Context and Strategy, Essential Ethical Rationality, The History of Science, Worldview/Ideological Formation, Metaphysical/Spiritual Synthesis, Art, and New Energy Technology.
I seek to be supported in my efforts by structuring my participation in a way that takes care of my body and spreads physical effort out in a fair and compensated way.
I intend to legitimize our efforts by networking with governmental / conservation / regenerative agencies such as the NRCS, Marin Carbon Project, Carbon Farming Credits, Point Blue Conservation Science, Restoration Agriculture Development, Permaculture, Daily Acts Organization, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, Neighboring farms, and other supporting organizations and farm businesses such as Distribution companies, contracted Animal Grazers, and stacked function farming strategies.
My current network may provide future access to: Keyline Plow use, Sacred Ceremony, Soil Biology (Bacterial / Bokashi Inoculation)(Fungus Inoculation), Landscape Contractors, Workshop Leaders, Cob & Natural Building Experts, Installation Artists, Educators, Community Members / Stewards.

Ecological Care is my primary function, and my participation may only extend as far as designing, consulting, and installing the ecological infrastructure and resilient long term tree crops for long term whole system success, rather than constant on site maintenance and other farm related economic tasks such as harvest, packaging, distribution, sales, etc.
My Primary emphasis will be on crafting a sound Watershed Management Plan and installing the necessary Earthworks for maximum water retention in the soil of the land.
This water catchment strategy will be based upon the patterns of Keyline Design methodology and permaculture techniques which make use of the Keyline / Subsoil / Yeoman’s Plow, Swales & Berms, Hugelkulture (when contextual), Pond creation, Consultation of Planned Grazing Strategies, and other water storage techniques.  
Primary efforts will involve land assessment of access, primary features, context of the land, context of the social dynamic upon the land, context of the goals of groups, and context of the tools present and needed.

Primary Tools for Watershed Management Installation ::
* Lazer Level for Assessment of Contour Lines
* Flags / Stakes / Posts to mark out contours.
* Tractor 4WD Strong (Needed, do not have)
* Yeoman’s / Subsoiler Plow (May have access, granted to worthy projects)
* Bucket Loader / Bobcat / Excavator (May have access from Landscaping Contractor Collaborators)
* Extra Tractor Implements


Keyline and Swale construction will be followed with a pasture seeding + diverse Tree planting.
Tree Genetics will be chosen carefully and shall depend upon the context of the land, the native traditions, and capacity of the climate. California will almost invariably include species of Oak.
Land Management patterns will be primarily based upon Watershed design as is defined by the land itself.
Agroforestry practices of Alley Cropping may support the supplemental production of Mushrooms, Timber, Bees / Honey, Art Materials, Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Fodder, Meat, Habitat, and cultural non physical services from within the resilient Water Management & Savanna Tree Crop system.  

My goals include creating a network of Land Centers owned and operated under Non-Profit status, held in perpetuity in Conservation / Community Land Trusts. I aim to provide access to land and to generate land based stewardship communities that may expand and grow the efforts of ethical land development and production. I aim to create a collaborative contract / document which lays out the framework for collaborative, stacked function farming. My goal is to support the understanding of the perennial polycultural farming systems in order to shift the paradigm of land ownership away from exclusive ownership into a form of community based inclusive ownership that recognizes the harmony and production capacity of diverse ecologically based farming systems. We aim to demonstrate well informed and well applied Earth stewardship practices that will ideally function as a model for land management beyond our projects and into mainstream farming style as fits in the context of each land site.
My land systems and organizations will ideally grow to influence governmental policy regarding the structure of Land Management and Community Creation. My intent is to share information in an open source fashion while retaining respect and fair equity accumulation.

:: PERSONAL :: Home :: Art Studio :: Land Work Site
            I seek a home for myself and my partner Emily amongst a loving community. This home will be full of light and magick, large enough and comfortable enough to host gatherings to support community building, political activism, workshops and skill shares, dinner parties, and a larger community dynamic.
            We seek a warm cozy community space with a fire space, a premier kitchen, yoga space, community music jam space (with piano, trumpets, guitars, singing bowls, saxophones, etc, that I can provide) and an outdoor/indoor art studio space.
We seek a large private bedroom or small cottage for two people in love. Our home needs to be within biking distance to a town for the sake of staying connected to the outside community and for access to food and other goods and entertainment and friends that we aren’t able to produce or maintain on the land ourselves.
            My partner Emily is a practicing Psychotherapist and she will gain her license soon after more applied practice. She seeks a paying opportunity to provide her Eco-Therapy / Counseling Psychology services to families, children, and groups.  
I am a practicing permaculturist and artist seeking a paid job in the realm of watershed management. This job could have an emphasis on installation, teaching, or both.
            This home is ideally situated on a large piece of property that is looking to be developed according to regenerative / restorative agricultural strategies. The land owner will ideally be willing to fund / invest in these development projects. I am able to design the land development according to Keyline Water Management strategies, implement the master water management earthworks, plant trees in relation to earth worked zones, and manage the growth of trees. A variety of other Permacultural projects are possible, depending on the context of the land and community.
            I envision the compensation for this exchange to be structured in complex and long term frameworks. The rent paradigm will ideally be restructured to facilitate community ownership and access, or rent to own / equity transfer agreements. This exchange will ideally be granted by the merits of our intentions & substantiated by our work on the land. If community ownership is determined to be impossible, work may generally end up exceeding the price of rent, and compensation will be paid to workers. Gaining equity in the projects installed upon the land is the fundamental goal of my efforts. Home equity is not primarily necessary at this time, though we do seek comfortable home use / access immediately.