My Effort to Resist the Capitalist Scheme lands me here. My work is structured toward revitalizing the true source of the Earth Life Economy. My intentions are to provide quality Craft and Wisdom, as achieved from a careful study of our Ancestors + the Invaluable Perspective we have today after witnessing so many mistakes made in the present global capitalist culture.  

Our Large Scale Restoration Projects Require Large Scale Investment, but Unlike the Current Scheme of Capital Progress, the Return on Investment of Planting Hundreds of Native Alder Trees is more subtle than the quick profit. It will be Big Carbon + Nitrogen inserted into the soil via a miraculous collaboration between Plant and Bacteria. It will be the preparation of soil for a hugely productive, balanced, and ethical farming enterprise. This is a Solar Economy, A Carbon Economy, A Biological Economy. We will not succeed in transitioning our culture by the same structural methods of investment that preside in this Capitalist Scheme.  The distribution of wealth and of resources is unraveling into a state of inequality beyond the point of acceptability. This trend of inequality has been seen historically. This is an unnecessary situation, and this is an unacceptable situation. Land, Resources, and Diesel are no longer commodities of fair trade. They are inherently stolen , acquired through slave style labor, with many unaccounted for Externalities :: Ecological costs gone unconsidered. They have become leverage tools for the collapse of civilization.

Private Property is a Structural Convention, not an inherent truth.  It is time to return the land to all life by creating balanced, ethical, over productive agricultural systems. As Protests, Riots, Speeches, and Conversation within #BLACKLIVESMATTER, #OCCUPY, and countless other Friends and Organizations Call attention to the Structural Inequalities of our Present System, I here too emphasize the inability of our Planet to allow such detrimental Structural Conventions to be Applied to our People and Planet any longer.

I Declare I Will apply this awareness to my life. Instead, I dream to Activate Ancient Patterned Wisdom upon the Land so that Nature may gift us her splendor in mutual trade, in deep support. Desertification is occurring rapidly. Large Scale Land Works focused first at managing Water and second at producing ethically grown food are crucial for the survival of the planet; that is also to say: the human species.

These endeavors will require large investment solely for the sake of future generations : That is to say, for the memory of our time. If you would like to join our organizations, Earth Ecology, LLC. or Gravity Networks, or if you would like to donate land under the title of Land Trust, and help us create botanical sanctuaries for humans plants animals and microbes, or if you would like to donate funds toward these endeavors, we will be most grateful, and very happy to work with you.

Many Thanks,
Blessings and Praises,
Nick Lake